About Us


  • Faizel Kara Attorneys was established in February 2007.
  • It is solely owned and operated by Faizel Kara.
  • Based in Durban North and extending professional services to Kwazulu-Natal, Northern Natal, Gauteng, Cape, Eastern Cape.
  • The Firm’s reputation is based through referrals, our professional work ethics, successes and diversity.
  • With a formidable track record in Litigation, Administering of Estates, Commercial Law, Property Law, Labour Law, Family Law, Business Rescue & Insolvency Law, Criminal Law and Property Management.
  • Our firm is distinguished by it’s professional and friendly staff compliment, the people on board, it’s clients and work that it unfolds, attracts and retains.
  • Faizel Kara Attorneys are a powerful team of independent-minded individuals who share a common service ethos.
  • The firm’s success is built on a solid foundation of insightful and innovative work structuring and professional legal advice.
  • The “team” has a keen ability to understand the greater economic forces of the marketplace and has a strong focus on achieving the best legal outcome for their clients.
  • Faizel Kara Attorneys shares it’s expertise with Pay4Sure which is associated with the public generally, many businesses and leading law firms in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal.
  • Faizel Kara Attorneys also offers it’s services to it’s client in business planning, development and control.
  • Faizel Kara Attorneys has an over 400 client base.