Professional Legal Services & Expert Advice

All of us struggle with legal problems sooner or later in life and often do not know where to turn for help.

Professional Attorney who can help you with expert advice & assistance.


  • Need an urgent bail application?
  • Need representation in any criminal matter?
  • Need a “Watching brief”?


  • Divorcing or contemplating divorce?
  • Need a mediator to assist with your divorce settlement?
  • Battling to get your spouse to pay maintenance?
  • Separating from a long term relationship and you do not know your rights?
  • The victim of verbal, physical, financial or emotional abuse?
  • Unmarried dad with no contact with his children?
  • Getting married, need a pre-nuptial agreement?

Financial debt:

  • Up to your elbows in debt?
  • Business in financial difficulty?
  • Need a business plan?
  • Need a contract or have to sign one while unsure of the loop holes?
  • Someone or business owes you money?
  • Require an Acknowledgement of Debt?
  • Need to negotiate a settlement?


  • Need a Trust?
  • Need a Will?
  • Family member died and need the expert legal assistance to administer the estate?

Motor vehicle/accident:

  • Need guidance and assistance in drafting an affidavit?
  • Need to claim from the Road Accident Fund?
  • Need to action a third party claim?
  • Purchasing or selling a vehicle, need a contract or have to sign one while unsure of the loop holes?
  • Experiencing problems after purchasing a vehicle?

Property Management:

  • Need guidance and assistance in drafting an Lease Agreement?
  • Tired of having problems in receiving monies for rented properties and dealing with non-payments Don’t know what to do? We can cover all that for you.


  • Need to hire a new employee and enter into a contract?
  • Must you attend a disciplinary hearing at work?
  • Need to retrench/fire certain employees?
  • Lost your job unfairly?